monday ftw + august goals

I had a productive (but long) Monday, how about you?

I completed a lot of writing over the weekend – but, still not done.


But really, I’m not complaining – it’s great! I have a steady flow of deadlines I’m up against and I love it. Today, two of my articles were published, and I personally love days where I have more than one new article to promote.

Then I received an email from Capital One that I’ve been doing such a great job with my credit that – boom – they’re raising my credit limit. Considering it’s one of my big financial goals for the year to a. pay off all my cards and, b. raise my score as much as possible, that felt like some positive reinforcement. I’ll take it.


Then came LinkedIn to brighten my day.

I received an invite from the organizer of an event/training in NYC this week, featuring the Chief Business Officer of Google (X), an elite team of engineers that comprise Google’s futuristic “dream factory.” (totally stole that from the evite, fyi). She invited me because she wants me to write about the event. Google. Me? Write.



Because I’m still juggling this little thing called a day job, I am not sure I will be able to make it (or at least for the full event, as it is a 2-day training), but I’m going to try to get there for a portion to meet her and Mo, the speaker.

THEN (but wait, there’s more!) I connected with this amazing woman after she saw me post on a thread of a shared connection. She reached out, and we got to chatting, and she mentioned possibly collaborating – she’s interested in being a guest blogger right here, y’all. While my blog/blogging is not a new concept, because of how new ‘this’ blog is, I was surprised – and pleased. Her background is fun, super diverse, and quite the conversation starter – she worked as a TV producer for a number of shows you’d recognize, one of them infamously – Jerry Springer. Apparently not everything is as fake as you’d hope.


Then, I ended the day with a glass of – you guessed it – rosé. Which besides being delish is apparently keeping me healthy, too – at least according to this article.

Okay, okay, okay. Since I have 57,384 things on my to-do list right now that I should probably be doing before writing this post, let me get on to the next point.



It’s already August, which is absolutely crazy and disgusting all at once. The year is so much more than halfway over, guys. So, I need to get going on the things I’m slacking, and keep on keepin’ on with the rest. Here are my goals:

  • exercise 4x a week. (current tally, like for months: zero. lol)
  • try that new yoga studio and use my mat that is currently just decoration.
  • drink at least 48 oz. of water daily. (Diet Pepsi Cherry soda and/or rosé don’t count, no matter how much I wish it to be)
  • take a daily multivitamin. (yeah, I need to actually put this here to do it).
  • get 7 hours of sleep a night (as I write this after midnight on a work night…)
  • finish 2 books. (currently reading: Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant, and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. So. good.)
  • send out 4 new pitches to publications on my wish list.
  • pitch 2 current publications for new ideas.
  • continue building on this blog!
  • possibly – register to go back to school. (this one’s kind of a big one, and topic for another post, later this week)

I hope this might inspire you to set some goals of your own, if you haven’t already. If so, I’d love to hear what they are – let’s motivate each other! For now, I am going to go get started on the sleeping goal.


with love + rosé,





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