sunday scaries + how not to burn out(?)

You know what I’d love to be doing right now?



Well, that’s not true. I’d actually love to be binge-watching Younger or Switched At Birth (latest Netflix splurge), sitting on a beach, or with friends sipping on a glass of summer water (and these things combined would be ahhmazing). But that’s a pretty accurate description of ‘nothing’ when you’re scrolling Instagram, seeing who decided to rise at 5 a.m. and run a 10k on this lazy Sunday.


One of my goals from the new year was to continue my ambitious run of getting shit done and accomplished while allowing myself more time to play… you know, the ever-elusive work/life balance. I got a lot done in 2016, but felt like my social life suffered more than usual. I often prioritized work over fun, and felt great about the check marks… but what does that really add to your life?

Many writers/entrepreneurs/really smart people would argue that such a thing as work/life balance doesn’t exist, and to suck it up, buttercup. I mostly agree, but it seems like every weekend is getting shorter and shorter, and I’m up against deadlines (both personal and professional) that are getting harder to meet… and oh, by the way, I don’t feel any more rested than I did on Friday afternoon when I ran out of work, eager to start my weekend.

I feel a little burnt out (not the first time and not the last) and the idea of laying in bed ignoring all the deadlines is looking pretty attractive rn. It’s more than a classic case of procrastination, because I have that down pat... no, I’m just tired, and feeling guilty for it. One of the biggest priorities on my list is being a good mom – the kind that pays attention to my son and not just to my phone/work. I feel like the more things are going right professionally, the more I have on my plate to handle, and doing it while working full time and being a single mom is kinda challenging.


I also know that writing an article on burning out is in my future… and I know I could look up a million ways not to do so right now (but I don’t want to, I’m too lazy). Guess I should add working mother guilt to the list as well…

I don’t have anything particularly groundbreaking to add, but hope you’re conquering your Sunday scaries better than I. Now, on to finishing the two articles that are due today.

with love + rosé,






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