After Three Years, I’ve Decided I’m Done With Grieving

As I get older, the idea of losing my parents becomes more and more a reality I am not ready to face (I mean, is it ever?). Countless friends have lost their mothers and fathers… and many are much younger than my own parents.

This post explores the feelings grief leaves behind… the way it sinks its fingers into your heart (and really, it can relate to death or any type of loss, including heartbreak). The most important thing to remember is there is no set time to “get over” something and that you’re not alone.

It’s been three years since my mother died and I’m so over the grieving process. She was my best friend. My light in each day. My safe place. My home. And then she was just gone. The first year was naturally horrible, but it felt manageable. The second year, I wasn’t so sure I was going to…

click here to read the full post. After Three Years, I’ve Decided I’m Done With Grieving — Thought Catalog


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