the sugar cookies are winning


It’s been a hot minute! So in one/some of the last posts I wrote, I talked about my health and how I was trying to be better, yada, yada, yada. That part wasn’t and isn’t a lie, but I have backslid during the holidays into the Karen that just treats herself… a lot. Then one day I realized, am I really going to lose weight during the end of the year? Nah girl, g’ahead and get those sugar cookies.


I just wanted to be honest… but I am now that person who promises they’re going to crush goals in the new year. Oh well.


I DO have big plans for 2019, tho. Possibly the biggest is that I am going to give up diet soda – the dirty, lying, delicious heathen with a chokehold on my willpower.


I love it, but I have to let it go. It’s killing my teeth (and probably my insides). Since I don’t seem to accomplish anything unless I approach it obsessively (insert heavy eyerolls, def plural) I am going cold turkey on Jan 1st. Wish.Me.Luck. Same goes with the gym and eating healthier, which I am a thousand percent less worried about than the soda. LOL.


I have started writing and pitching again, and even have just begun freelancing for a media company to help produce summaries for self-help and nonfiction books that will be turned into audio excerpts (think cliff’s notes for people who can’t find time to read the whole thing). I am finally feeling some creative inspiration, and all-around energy, after a really rough year. It feels good.


But – and it’s a big but – I don’t know if the “brand” of this blog fits me anymore. I am def still a wine drinker trying her best (and thirsty for great opportunities always), but in less than three months I will be 38. I guess I have some time to figure that out, but still – #damnnear40


TBD, I guess.

Financially speaking, I am doing well, still chugging along, although again the holidays popped up and I still spent more than intended. I at least was better prepared and am hoping for a great 2019 to hit all my money goals.


Happy holidays and lots of health, wealth, and happiness. xo


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