35 mini-missions to improve your money and life

In the spirit of continued self-improvement and the impending new year, I wanted to share this list from Budgets Are Sexy which I think is an excellent way to start 2019. Original article is hyperlinked, but here is the list – definitely check him out as his site is full of great advice and resources on money.

  1. Copy these all into your calendar and have them pop up daily for you!
  2. Or for faster fun, PRINT OUT this puppy and cross off each item as the days pass! And we all know how satisfying crossing things off lists can be!! 🙂

Here they are!


35 Daily Missions to Improve Your Life

(In order of when I sent them, along w/ the links to the tweets if you want to check out the discussions around them…. Maybe you can jump start the party again?)

  • Day #1: Opt out of buying 1 thing (tweet)
  • Day #2: Pay a bill you’ve been putting off forever (tweet)
  • Day #3: Declutter one drawer (tweet)
  • Day #4: Pay off $20 of debt (tweet)
  • Day #5: Get rid of something you never wear! (tweet)
  • Day #6: Track how much you spend on *wants* (tweet)
  • Day #7: Say hi to someone you haven’t talked to in a while 🙂 (tweet)
  • Day #8: Use $2.00 to brighten someone’s day! (tweet)
  • Day #9: Buy one stock (tweet)
  • Day #10: Take a 15 minute walk and remember how fortunate you are 🙏  (tweet)
  • Day #11: Pick up a piece or two of trash around your community! (This is a substitute mission as the one originally posted was our post on 1/day decluttering that I was recruiting for ;))
  • Day #12: Clean out your wallet/purse/money clip (tweet)
  • Day #13: Unsubscribe from all those store emails! (tweet)
  • Day #14: Hide a $20 bill in your car in case you need one day (tweet)
  • Day #15: Do something nice for yourself! (tweet)
  • Day #16: Find one bill to tweak/downgrade/kill (tweet)
  • Day #17: Track/update your net worth! 📈 (tweet)
  • Day #18:  Declutter your keychain(s) (tweet)
  • Day #19:  See if you are owed any missing money –> http://missingmoney.com (tweet)
  • Day #20: Thank someone who’s improved your life (tweet)
  • Day #21: Return something you’ve been taking forever on! (Bonus tip: keep future returns in your trunk so you always have them with you whenever you’re out and about and remember ;)) (tweet)
  • Day #22: Finally use up that gift card! (tweet)
  • Day #23: Make a list of where all your credit/debit cards are linked. This will save you massive headache the next time you lose one or get a new one in the mail. (tweet)
  • Day #24: Wake up an hour earlier and tackle a passion project/hustle (tweet)
  • Day #25: Set a calendar item exactly one year from now to check in with yourself! List out some goals you’re aiming to hit, leave encouraging words, or simply ask yourself a question like, “Am I happy?” You’ll love hearing from your past self 😉 (tweet)
  • Day #26: Throw $25.00 into savings! (tweet)
  • Day #27: Shop your pantry for dinner 🍴 (tweet)
  • Day #28: Get rid of (or fix!) something broken in your life. An electronic, a lamp, a relationship? 🤔  (tweet)
  • Day #29: Forgive a debt someone owes you (tweet)
  • Day #30: Do a random act of kindness! 🖤 (tweet)
  • Day #31: Clean up that inbox! 📧 (tweet)
  • Day #32: Do something you’ve been putting off all month! (tweet)
  • Day #33: #1) Take out a dollar bill #2) Take out a sharpie #3) Write a motivational message to yourself on the bill #4) Stick it somewhere you’ll see every morning 🤑🤑🤑 (tweet)
  • Day #34: Spend 30 minutes on a dream goal! (tweet)
  • Day #35: Give someone you love a book that you love 📖 (tweet)


Knock them all out, and you’ll be 35 steps closer to being a better human being with more money in your pockets 😉 Then start all over again!






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