naming these posts by day # is annoying so I’m gonna stop

so it’s day 12 or day 13, whichever – and I am down to 2 glasses of soda a day, roughly. I could have honestly been completely off of soda, but it was a busy, rough week at work and admittedly I kept on with it as a comfort while I was stressing. I haven’t been really great with working out, either, but I had a reason for that. My hip has been bothering me – reminder that I am getting super old, yet again. I actually had this problem last year, too – to the point that I started tracking the weather, my activity, etc. to try to pinpoint why it would hurt, but there was no rhyme or reason. I chalked it up to being fat, but the thing is, I’m still fat all the other days it doesn’t hurt… lol.


Then the pain mysteriously went away.. literally until Jan 1, 2019. It doesn’t help that my go-to for working out has always been running. If I can’t walk right, I sure as hell can’t run. I started wondering about the way it was hurting (which, right now it seems to be fine again ???!!!) and meant to Google “symptoms of bone cancer.”

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 4.11.10 pm

Oh, great. Glad I just did that. Did I mention that I was super proud of myself for seeing all the doctors in 2018? I had a physical, I went to the gyno, the dermatologist, and I’m basically dating my dentist. The one doctor I didn’t see – an orthopedic. Anyway, I am not allowed to have cancer or any problems, because I was pretty successful at adulting and caring for myself in 2018 (you know, besides the soda and the exercise, ha).

By the way, you never realize how fat you are until someone tries to take a picture of you with your group of friends and you’re like wow, that double chin is trying to dominate that shot.

Yeah, so, I’m going to stick with yoga for now.

Next topic: books.


So, I mentioned I am freelancing by writing summaries for books, and I love that because it helps me to combine work with a personal goal as well as something I can learn from (hopefully). I just looked at the list of books I read last year, and I read 16 without even trying, so 1+ per month isn’t too shabby. This year I am going to aim for 25.

That’s about that for now, going to go ward off the Sunday scaries with some good reads, relaxation, and maybe a lil more Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

In the meantime, here are some links I found interesting:

1 in 5 millennials with debt expect to die without ever paying it off  (except 18 year olds are Gen Z, but neither here nor there)

Why A Minimalist Lifestyle is a Big Win for Creatives

View at

View at

View at


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