oh wow, an entire decade has passed

hey, hi, hello!


I am in very high spirits this particular Sunday, and I hope you are as well. Everyone deserves a nice, low-key Sunday Fun-day – especially after the craaazzzy busy week that I had.

Goal check in – doing great on the finance front, shitty on the fitness front (this past week – woof), and I am obviously writing so I feel pretty good there. Here’s to a well-aligned week ahead to get completely on track.


I recently realized that 2019 means it’s been an entire decade that I’ve been divorced. I have to wait till December to officially proclaim that (or May, when we separated), but, wow – in some cases it’s really nice to realize time flies!


If you aren’t brand new to this blog, you’re prob a little familiar with my backstory, but let’s just say my marriage (and the subsequent divorce) was interesting. I – and my son – dealt with a lot of bullshit for years – but I am happy to say that I took the steps that were necessary (and overdue) late last year so that my life can finally be more peaceful.


In the years since my divorce (and just as part of growing up), I’ve gone through multiple stages of redefining myself; first through my struggle and then accomplishments, and later by going inward to figure out who I am when all the rest is stripped away. Heck, I still am – life and who I am seems to be ever-evolving as I get older.

That time period was rough in hindsight, but it built me into a stronger, more resilient person who isn’t afraid to say no and stand by my boundaries. I learned that being a nice person isn’t always enough with all people, and to guard myself a little more carefully. I also learned to rely on myself more and more, and trust in the process when a crisis presents itself. I have always come out better than I started, no matter what happened.


Trust in the process and most of all, yourself.


It was way too easy to use gifs related to only Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club in this post – I just couldn’t help myself. I am going to think about that one, lol. Also, I have never watched it… but maybe I should???


Have a great week! xo


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