time comes at ya fast

I have 18 days until I turn 38.


In the past, I’d start to get really nervous and down about my upcoming birthday, but I’ve been doing a lot better with the whole aging thing and felt like I was kind of even embracing it as of late. Last night, I looked through a pile of pictures (you know, the real life printed pictures you received from a throwaway camera (or actual camera if you were feeling fancy) that I’ve been meaning to go through, and as my youth lay there staring back at me, I felt that familiar twinge of “wtf, how did you get so old?” settle in. Also, I really wish I had appreciated back then how bright and glowy my skin was (and how small my waist was).

Speaking of tiny waists, I have absolutely sucked (still) at working out. I have restarted a number of times and it’s literally only mid February. I hate to give excuses, but when I don’t have work I do so much better… but real life really gets in my way with my schedule. I am eating okay – but I don’t really lose weight from cutting back on food beyond maybe the first 4 pounds or so. That’s why this made me laugh (if not just for the title) – BECAUSE IT’S SO TRUE.

How to Get in Shape When You’re Washed

I guess I can’t say I failed because I’ve been trying, it’s just not always a set schedule.  I will be restarting again to try for a schedule – I just want to create new habits that will stick as part of my routine. I am going to try for 3-4 days at the gym and yoga at home nearly everyday. I literally have to start these things when I have a day or two off to get myself started…and while I def would love to get back to that little waist I once had, I’m also really interested in things like living longer and not having a heart attack. (!)

Even saving – I am feeling a little worn out. I am doing well, but I am definitely limiting myself with spending because I have so many things I want/need to accomplish… and college is right around the corner for my kid (it is when I think of how much I need to save). I am thinking (hoping) I will offer to pay for 80%, and he will be responsible for 20% (scholarships, grants, and a part time job). Circumstances can always change, but that is my hope that I will be able to fund his education. My first focus is me – maxing out retirement accounts and meeting my other savings goals. You can’t take out loans for retirement 😉

Going to go get a jump on my day, including hitting the gym. Here are some links I loved this week:

This lady made 1.5 million from blogging last year. That’s all. #studyguide


Meet The Women Of The Financial Independence Movement


I read Fatherly a lot – even though I’m obv not a dad – because they have really great parenting articles. This was a bit different but I liked it, because it’s so important to communicate about love in a healthy way when you’re not with your kid’s other parent.



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