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…Next blog post!

Sorry I briefly disappeared as I am apt to do.


And, of course, happy Game of Thrones day – only had to wait like 2 years, but here we are.

I’ve continue to forge ahead financially as far as paying off debts and saving. March was an amazing month, as it’s when I received my tax refund, bonus, and annual increase; oh, and the extra paycheck didn’t hurt, either. I have sucked in every other way, though.


whoa – relax and get your mind out of the gutter, dear readers. I did not mean that. The gif was fun, tho.

I meant that I am not following through as well as I’d hoped to be at this point. I am about to embark on yet another beginning chapter of working out and eating better (after two, count ’em, two people my age suffered heart attacks recently) this week, and I still suck at not spending money…even though I don’t do it much, when I do, it’s on food and wine.


I also suck at being a plant parent, because despite the sudden interest I have in them, they apparently do not return the favor. I have 4 succulents, and 2 are dying (if not already there, I’m just in denial). The other two are ok (for now – sigh) which I don’t understand, because I haven’t done anything different with them. I dare not question thee God of succulents on why their lives have been spared, I am just #grateful.


Wayyy back I mentioned how one day I’d delve into my past and my experience with financial abuse. I finally wrote about it for The Financial Diet, and it’s basically one giant ramble of a piece that sounds like your next bad Lifetime movie. Girl gets involved with a douchebag, and the rest is history. The details are actually a little crazy, but 100% true (and there are tons missing for sake of brevity). Enjoy!

I just started taking Dumpster Dog’s Invested Development Course because I actually won a scholarship to do so – and I’m loving it. Perfect mix of financial education and witty, sarcastic humor for my liking. Hopefully the course turns me into an investing superhero and helps me get rrrich. 

Tons more going on, but I will leave you for now with links I love:

Can You Reverse A Cavity By Changing Your Diet?
My teeth have been fucked with due to my lack of willpower and love for soda, so even though I’ve cut back recently, I still worry about cavities and all that jazz. I saw this article and was like wow – I can stop this tomfoolery? Turns out, I eat everything on the “not-to-do” list. Go figure!
This article documents over a dozen people who received gifts, insurance payouts, the MacArthur Genius Award, book deals—ranging from $8,000 to over $1 million—and how they spent it. #moneyvoyeur

The Complete Guide to Building Generational Wealth

Because, compounding and common sense.

How to Be a Professional

Because it should be easy to not be an asshole at work. Alas…

Advice I Give my Kids

Because it seems simple to teach our kids these things, but sometimes a really clean list helps.

Saving regret — and how to avoid it

Because regret is a huge focus and thing that happens to so many of us – don’t let it happen with your money.

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