so, what’s up?

I know (as evidenced by the abundance of memes and Facebook posts) that some people reallllly detest the whole “new year, new me” energy.

I don’t feel one way or the other. Sure, you don’t have to wait until January 1st to get started on goals, but it definitely feels like a clean slate after the holiday season (especially after eating leftover ziti with reckless abandon for 6 days in a row).

I have been feeling really motivated, and I feel like 2020 is going to be a great year. I have a ton of goals, most of which really just circle back to basic self-care at the end of the day (drink more water, get enough sleep every night, etc.) but that I just need to make a habit so I don’t have to focus so much energy on them. I have focused really hard on my financial goals the past two years, and everything else definitely took a backseat. I am hoping to be as obsessive about my health this year 😉


Sure, it’s only day 6, but I am following the SELF New Year’s Challenge, which honestly feels like the perfect piece to fit in each day. That’s not to say they’re easy (I am sooo out of shape, woof), but it’s not overwhelming. I am definitely drinking more water, and sleep, I love you, but you knew that already.  I am trying to avoid the gym until next month, I think. Crowds don’t do it for me.

I am not making any huge, audacious goals around this, like running a marathon (though I definitely want to lose weight). I just want to be healthier and have regular exercise be in my routine. That will feel like a gigantic win at this point. I really fell off on taking proper care of myself in the last 3 or so years. Also, stretching. Where did my flexibility go?

I also made a goal to read all the books I currently own, because I have this habit of buying books I am interested in (which, as it turns out, are a lot) and then either half reading them, or not even getting started. Yeah, life is busy, but you accomplish what you prioritize, right? I have started making it a priority to read one chapter of a book (or ten minutes, it varies based on what I’m reading) every night before bed (which will also help me stop aimlessly scroll on Instagram, btw). I have recently gotten into podcasts (loving Crime Junkie, TFD’s Financial Confessions, Money Girl, Bitches Get Riches, and yes, even Dave Ramsey) and I also really enjoy “Terrible, thanks for asking.” The premise is that the host, Nora McInerny, interviews and/or details stories of grief, loss, etc. It sounds morbid, but is one of those things that you just need to listen to. Nora herself lost her pregnancy, husband, and father within 2 months or so, and the result is that she has poured herself into this podcast, as well as also writing books about her experience as a young widow. I am currently reading her book No Happy Endings and I am having more of an issue not staying up too late because I can’t stop reading it. Her tone is easy, flows, and funny even in the face of grief. I lost my dad nearly 2 years ago now, so the description of her grief really resonates with me. Anyway – there’s my free review – I’d definitely recommend you check out the podcast and the book. 🙂

Other goals include being a better, more patient mom. Life is hectic sometimes and I could stand to take a breath and slow down. I also want to figure out more ways to connect with my now teenage son. He’s basically only interested in video games, and everything I say he responds to with “Ok, boomer” or “are you offended, you millennial?” Yes, depending on the day, he uses different generations to insult me (lovingly). I’m usually not even upset about anything, he just likes to insult my age, lol.


Also, his definition of spending time together is this weird, aggressively annoying affection where he just annoys me and mimics me until I’ve had enough. If I suggest leaving the house to do anything, he shoots me down. So, TBD. Still figuring this one out, open to tips!

I am thinking about my spirituality more and more. This is a bunch of different things to me – but I’ve been thinking about my relationship with God a lot, and I feel different about it than I used to. I am not sure where this is taking me yet, but it’s something I am looking to explore more in 2020. I think I just want to feel closer and know more about it.

My career – I was pretty motivated a few years ago, but admittedly this energy (and most everything) fell off once my dad passed. I have been thinking more about what I want, and want to achieve in the next 5-10 years.

Financially, I am keeping the same energy I have had – maxing out all my tax-advantaged accounts and stashing away as much as I can. I seemed to hover around the 60% savings last year, so hoping to keep on that track.

I am feeling energized and hopeful – and that’s all I can really ask for. How about you? Did you set any resolutions/goals/intentions?


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