transitions and transformation

Happy September, all!

I feel as though I have repeatedly promised to show more love to this creative outlet, and I continually fall short of achieving that goal. Even though time is an illusion and all, it certainly seems to be in short supply (and flyyy by – how was it April the last time I was here, and we are nearly in September?!) Alas, here I am – again.

As I was prepping for the upcoming week, journaling and pulling a few tarot/oracle cards, I received a message that urged me to rediscover my creative outlet and get to creating. Since it wasn’t the only message I received on that wavelength today, I finally said okay, okay. Enough with the peer pressure, Universe 🙂 One of the specific messages I received was that the lessons of my life are the message – that people need to hear about them. Considering that most of my writing – well, the writing here at least – has been of the personal kind (aaand lots of mistakes) the message definitely resonated.

This particular time in my life – specifically the last 2 years – has been one of transformation (she says affectionately). While not all of it was easy, it has brought upon many needed changes in my life and my outlook, and it has given me a sense of renewed hope. Not that I would have said I was hopeless before… but I feel like a completely different person now, in so many ways. When I renamed this site, I wasn’t sure which direction I would take it exactly, and I am still slightly foggy. I don’t think it needs a specific direction, though. I think the lessons and experiences that have touched me are ones worth sharing, and the real crux is just having the courage (and audacity) to share them. Hopefully they reach whoever they are meant to reach in the end. If any of this resonates, consider this your sign.

I was having some difficulty putting this post together, mostly because I like to have some semblance of a point; but really, if you’ve ever read my other posts, we should both face the truth – all of my posts are full on rambling. So, why change that now? 🙂 On that note, I am going to share a bunch of the thoughts and things I liked recently.

From Cait Flanders: “I love transitions. Not just of the natural seasons, but the transitions we choose for ourselves. The times where you know one thing is coming to an end, while another is just beginning. Some might experience transitions as a period of uncertainty, but I often experience them as a time of imagined possibility. There are things to let go of, yes. But there are also new things to consider, decisions to make, ideas to take steps toward. Because it’s all new, I can’t help but constantly notice the subtle shifts that occur during this time, and the feelings that come with them. Transitions ask me to be more present—and that presence serves as a reminder to be an active participant in my own life.”

Think of your fears as opportunities to expand, rather than things that are holding you hostage. ~ Work Your Light oracle deck

Tapping into your magic & gifts isn’t the answer to anything. Magic and gifts are TOOLS; you are the carpenter. If you keep attempting to build death traps when your gifts were given to you to BRING LIGHT…then YOU’RE the only one blocking you. ~@thaconjuress IG

From Smart Money Mamas: I have no interest in working myself into the ground. I want to measure my success by how many hours a day I get to relax, read, and enjoy my family. Not by the number of to-do items I check off my list. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hit my money or life goals. It just means that my definition of work boundaries and productivity has changed. AND THAT’S OKAY! Hustle culture – this idea that we all need a full-time job and a side hustle and be training for a triathlon – it’s not helpful. Especially for mamas like us that already put way too much pressure on ourselves.

From Gretchen Rubin: Are you drifting? What is “drift”? Drift is the decision you make by not deciding, or by making a decision that unleashes consequences for which you don’t take responsibility.

From Joel O’Leary aka 5AM Joel:

Design your day by filling in the blanks:

Today, my priority number one is ___________. This will be easy for me, because I’m really good at __________ and have awesome skills in ___________. All my work in the long run is building towards my true goal of ____________. Achieving this will really make me feel ____________! Today I’m also going to celebrate!, because I recently __________!!!  This might seem small to others, but it’s big for me, so I’m treating myself to __________. When I look in the mirror, I see __________. And I wouldn’t trade that for a million dollars. My life is ___________. Now I am going to have a great day! 🙂

Fixating on the outcome or needing to know all the details of an upcoming event, such as a trip, causes people to be upset when things don’t go their way, overly focused on the future, and unable to bounce back easily. Inflexible people are susceptible to anger, distress, and depression. Surrendered people go with the flow, shrug it off when an unplanned situation happens, and tend to be happier, more lighthearted, and resilient. They remember to exhale during stress.

-Judith Orloff

Decade by Decade Advice for Aging Incredibly Well


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