to new beginnings

Let’s make it an even six posts for the year, shall we?

I love this time of year – it’s so full of hope. I am currently deep in my 2022 Year in Review activities, and formulating what I wish to get out of 2023. I am trying to catch up on my emails, and I saw this excerpt from Lisa Oliveira’s Human Stuff newsletter that really resonated.

“But through continuing to show up for my writing, I’ve remembered — what we share doesn’t need to be everything, or fix everything, or solve everything, or reach everyone. It doesn’t need to be the most meaningful, the most important, the most seen or liked, the most anything. It doesn’t need to change the world. It doesn’t need to be the first or best. It doesn’t need to hold all the answers. It just needs to come from an honest, genuine place — from a felt sense of doing our best to contribute in the ways we’re able to — from the love of it — from the desire to do it — and hopefully by choosing to show up for it, it creates some tiny spark of light in our own tiny corners of the world.”

This is all I can hope for when I share what’s in my heart. I believe whoever is meant to see it, will. My hope is to eventually find the space, time, and vulnerability to come back here more openly, and more frequently.

2022 was one of the most wonderful years I have been privileged to experience thus far. I take none of it for granted, and I am actively planting seeds for the joy I want to feel in 2023. I hope we can all take time to slow down, rest, simmer in gratitude for all the things that went right, and ponder the things that we’d like to change. If you’re struggling right now, know that that is okay, too. These past few years have been A LOT. A turn of the calendar pages does not mean you cannot find your joy at any moment, and my wish for you is that it finds you soon.

Here’s to new beginnings, happiness, and success in 2023!


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